Planting poppies

Poppies are my favourite flower. Their cheerful heads bobbing hello in the morning, their fuzzy buds and delicate, papery petals, their association with remembrance. Any colour, anywhere, any day, I’ll take poppies!

My father scatters poppy seeds across the front garden each year, with months of blooms to follow. For years, I’ve looked forward to living in a house with suitable space to grow some of my own.


I planted my first poppy seeds last weekend, and already a handful of tiny seedlings have sprouted. New life, stretching toward the sun, promising me a potful of colour over winter and spring. I chose Icelandic poppies this year, hopefully we’ll see a mix of white, orange, yellow and pink flowers popping up.


We also set up a herb garden a few weeks ago, which is flourishing inside a wire cage designed to keep the possums at bay. It’s wonderful to add flavour to home cooking with fresh herbs again. In particular I’ve been enjoying adding handfuls of mint in Anglo Asian Lamb Salad, and fresh rosemary and thyme to roast chicken and vegetables.

Gardening always serves as a great reminder to slow down. A little poke in my side encouraging me to remember during busy days that life still takes time, and how eager other living beings are to adapt, grow and flourish. To bask in the sunshine, soak up food and water, sway in the breeze. A few minutes in the morning spent watering and watching for new growth is a welcome addition to my routine.

Do you have favourite plants in your garden?


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