At home alone yoga

As an ex-gymnast, I’m used to exercising in groups. I spent twelve years of my childhood running through drills, alternating tumbling lines and feeding off the energy of my fellow gymnasts. We trained together, we competed together, we grew together.

Finding myself at a Bikram yoga studio a few years later was really no surprise. The classes were challenging and the group dynamic uplifting. I joined the yogis training for the annual asana championship and the work trade group cleaning the studio in exchange for free classes.

Standing Bow
An oldie of me and my reflection rocking standing bow at the Bikram studio. Note also those sparkly clean mirrors and floor!

But a new job, time and distance led me to a different studio in 2015, one with not only yoga classes but also pilates and barre, which I loved. Again, I found the community energy lifted and encouraged me to continue coming back, and to push myself harder when I was there.

In 2016, though, I’m lone-wolfing my exercise regime. I’ve made some changes to my work schedule that mean there’s no longer room in my budget for a fortnightly yoga payment. After all my years of riding the wave of the communal exercise buzz, I’m a little worried about how I’ll go with solo motivation. So, I’ve been compiling a list of online yogis who can teach, inspire and buoy me in my at-home practice.

Adrienne can be found dispensing humble, cheerful yogi wisdom over at Yoga with Adrienne. In 2015, she ran a 30 Days of Yoga course, with 30 free downloadable videos to take you through a month of practice, and in January 2016 she’s following this up with Yoga Camp. I love Adrienne’s videos because she’s not afraid to laugh at herself, and have a little fun.

One of my favourite of Adriene’s videos is her yoga for when you’re unwell sequence. It’s gentle and kind and to be honest, one I practice even when in perfect health if I need a little pick me up.

My dad turned me on to Erica the Yogi. Erica is the yogi definition of “kind but fair”, or you could say “kind but kicking my butt”. Her classes are tough enough t0 challenge, but not so hardcore that I’m going to flake with no in-person motivation. She also explains postures in the most minute and careful detail, which has led to many an “aha” moment when I’ve realised just which way my fingers and toes were meant to be facing all that time in downward dog.

Even Erica’s twenty minute beginner’s sequence is enough to build up a sweat.

Caitlin Turner, or Gypset Goddess, is one of my top instagram yogis. She posts posture pictures and flow videos, as well as some great partner yoga postures and acro yoga flows. She also keeps it real with her quirky captions and a few insights into her personal life – which I enjoy in its difference to teacher videos. She also has a habit of traveling to awesome locations, which make the backgrounds of her photos and videos equally fun.

Do you have any favourite online yoga portals, or tips for keeping up a home practice? I’m really hoping to not let my practice slide in 2016, so do share!


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