Although confident I could take a position as a professional donut eater, I (Lauren Sherritt) am a writer by trade. Here I post links to recently written offerings that you might like to devour, I’d recommend grabbing a donut while you’re at it. If you’d like to get in touch with me about my writing, please email me.

Blogcademy Brisbane - 2013
Blogcademy Brisbane – 2013


The Cusp: How To Take A Headshot When You Can’t Afford To Pay A Professional

The Cusp: Skills I Gained From My First Few (Not So Great) Jobs

The Cusp: Five Things I Switched Out To Afford Working Only Three Days A Week

The Cusp: How To Maintain Your Friendships In Your 20s

The Cusp: How To Take Olympic Inspiration And Use It For Motivation In Your Life

Writing Queensland: Track finances now – Avoid pain later

The Writers Bloc: What Even Is A Mentor?

The Cusp: 7 Ways To Be Assertive At Work That Are Helpful Instead Of Annoying

Junkee: How Facebook’s Message Filtering System Stopped Me from Maybe Becoming an Olympian


The Financial Diet: The Conversation You Need to Have If You Don’t Have Money to Spend this Holiday Season

The Financial Diet: How to Start Treating Your Spending Habits like a Profession

Birdee Mag: Living on a Budget, a Blessing in Disguise


Birdee Mag: Everyday Meditation

Birdee Mag: When Your Parents Become Your Friends

Birdee Mag: Paintbrush, Meet Wine Glass

Trend Hungry: How to Organize Your Jewellery


LifeMusicMedia: Interviews & Reviews

Australian Stage: Reviews


Image by Janneke Storm


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