Although confident I could take a position as a professional donut eater, I (Lauren Sherritt) am a writer by trade. Here I post links to recently written offerings that you might like to devour, I’d recommend grabbing a donut while you’re at it. If you’d like to get in touch with me about my writing, please email me.

Blogcademy Brisbane - 2013
Blogcademy Brisbane – 2013


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In friendly first person: I’m a theatremaker, happy to talk/watch/read/review all things theatre all day long. If you’d like to get in touch about anything stage related, please email me.

In official third person:

Lauren Sherritt is a playwright and director based in Brisbane, Australia.

Lauren has written and directed two full length plays, Sans Love and One Black Mark, both produced at Anywhere Theatre Festival. Her monologue The Panel, written during The Australian Theatre for Young People’s Fresh Ink National Residency program, will be published in The Voices Project – the Encore Edition by Currency Press in 2015. She has directed for Short + Sweet Festival, developed work in Metro Arts! Free Range program and is currently undertaking a playwriting mentorship with dramaturge Saffron Benner through ATYP.

Sans Love Lauren Sherritt
Production still – Sans Love (2013)

Sans Love is a triumph in new work. Exploring just how exquisite and excruciating love is, this play is relevant to anyone who has ever stepped a day on this earth, who have experienced love in any form, and who have the courage to remain open to love regardless. – Elizabeth Scales

This is a clever, intricately-thought out show on a topic that everyone can relate to. You could feel the enjoyment amongst the audience, all huddled as we were on cushions on the floor…Sans Love is an utterly delightful and human piece of physical theatre. – Style From the Suburban Intellect

One Black Mark - Lauren Sherrit
Production still – One Black Mark (2014)

I must confess I’m not a keen theatre-goer but shows like One Black Mark win me over. Cathy Dee